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  • 25 One-Of-A-Kind Gift Ideas For People Who Love Traveling.


    December is finally here and that means Christmas is just around the corner! Contrary to belief, right now is actually the best time to do all your holiday shopping, not last minute! So while you create your shopping list, you have to carefully think about each person you're buying a Christmas gift for this year. If you're stuck and don't know what to get that wanderlusting traveler friend of yours, you've come to the right place!

    The obvious choice would be to buy them plane tickets or a gift package at some hotel resort on an exotic island. These gifts, however, can be pretty pricey and not all of us can afford them. Thankfully, these aren't the only presents you can get your traveler friends. We've compiled a list of affordable traveler gifts that will still be greatly appreciated from unique tents to innovative maps. Check out the list below to help you get started.

    #1. A portable roll up travel charger that keeps your multiple chargers for various devices organized.

    #2. An anti theft backpack where the zipper is hidden on the inside so no thief can ever open it.

    #3. A floating tree tent that you can hang between any two trees for any of your scenic camping trips.

    #4. A stick world map that lets you remove the stickers from whichever areas you've already been to.

    #5. A special tent that looks like a ginormous book that you can take on any camping trip or picnic.

    #6. A pretty little gold necklace that has an airplane as its pendant.

    #7. DIY travel keepsake boxes that you can create yourself and label after the cities that your traveler friend has been to.

    #8. A mini compass pin so you won't ever get lost wherever you are.

    #9. A cute animal zip and flip neck pillow perfect for long airplane rides.

    #10. A cork board in the shape of the world map that you can attach keepsakes of the places you've visited to.

    #11. Crumpled up city maps that are waterproof and crumple-proof (available for various cities).

    #12. A blank globe that allows you to color in the places that you've already been to and/or plan on visiting.

    #13. An "Adventure Awaits" money jar to keep all traveling funds in.

    A good way for people to save up for their expensive trips.

    #14. A special packing checklist pad to help travelers pack for each and every one of their trips.

    #15. A special compass for Harry Potter fans.

    What better incentive to travel than to find a horcruxe.

    #16. A scratch off world map where you can scratch off places you've already visited.

    #17. A word search poster that lets you color in the cities that you've been to in the United States.

    #18. A mini stress ball map that zooms into different areas when you squeeze it.

    #19. An airport departures board poster for travelers to hang up in their household to remind them of their past flights.

    #20. A travel listography journal for the traveler who loves to create lists of things.

    #21. A special cork globe that you can pin the areas you've been to.

    #22. A leather cover for your passport that sports a famous quote from Lord of the Rings that many travelers can relate to.

    #23. A special coloring book of cities around the world where you scratch off instead of color.

    #24. A watch that displays the earth's surface.

    What better way to tell time.

    #25. A door mat that perfectly states the motto of many travelers.

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  • 20 Christmas Hairstyles To Get Your Head In The Festive Spirit.


    There are many different ways for a person to get into the Christmas spirit. Some individuals just naturally get into the spirit, whereas others have to dress up to get themselves feeling more festive. Usually, people will wear Christmas colors like red and/or green or wear ugly Christmas sweaters. But if that's just not enough for you, don't worry. There's one more thing you can do: get your hair into the Christmas spirit!

    We've compiled some of the most decorative Christmas hairstyles just below. They may look a little challenging to achieve, but they're easier than they look!

    #1. An elegant up-do with glitter white leaves and pearls intertwined into the braids.

    An elegant up-do with glitter white leaves and pearls intertwined into the braids.

    #2. A Christmas tree braid made out of curls and colorful Christmas lights. Imagine if the lights were lit up!

    #3. A Christmas tree braid between two ponytails using a green ribbon in between.

    #4. Magenta colored space buns on each side with silver glitter coming out of the roots.

    #5. An undercut that has a snowflake etched into the lower half of the hair.

    #6. A slick and straight ponytail with silver glitter coming out from the middle of it.

    #7. Add a sparkly crown to tousled hair, red lipstick and you're good to go.

    Add a sparkly crown to tousled hair, red lipstick and you're good to go.

    #8. A majestic looking antler wreath that instantly turns the wearer into a forrest goddess.

    #9. A little holly with red ribbon is an easy add to any hairstyle.

    A little holly with red ribbon is an easy add to any hairstyle.


    #10. A Christmas wreath flower crown over half up-do curls.

    #11. Pin on some bright Christmas ornaments to your updo for a beautiful look.

    Pin on some bright Christmas ornaments to your updo for a beautiful look.

    #12. Two braids coming together to form a Santa hat using red ribbon, red fabric, and cotton balls.

    #13. Add a glittery bow to your bun or ponytail for a formal or casual night.

    Add a glittery bow to your bun or ponytail for a formal or casual night.


    #14. A Christmas tree braid on one ponytail with festive colored pom poms alternating on each side.

    #15. A Christmas wreath braided into a hair crown using Christmas colored ribbons and faux mini flowers.

    #16. A Christmas tree braid where the sections are slightly pulled out to exaggerate the tree look.

    #17. Two super intricate braids intertwining with each other with red and green ribbons.

    #18. A very intricate Christmas tree braid where individual strands are sticking out.

    #19. A step-by-step tutorial of a Christmas tree braid using green ribbon.

    #20. A snowflake braid wrapped in white ribbon ending in one solid ponytail.

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  • 25 Cats Who Are Really Glad You Finally Put Up The Christmas Tree.


    The most wonderful time of the year is here! Many of us naturally get excited for the holidays. But what's better than humans getting excited for Christmas: cats getting excited for Christmas (or more so the Christmas decorations).

    Cats are curious creatures and they never fail to remind us that. It's their curiosity and priceless facial expressions that make us love them so much.

    Take a look at some cats below reacting to Christmas and Christmas decor. Some of them look so in awe, they're almost too cute to look at.

    #1. "Just look at it… it's full of stars."

    You know your cat is mesmerized when its eyes go this large.

    #2. "I'm supposed to be the surprise you find in the tree."

    Well of course, how did we not know that. My deepest apologies.

    #3. "Don't worry, I got you. I'll make sure there's no presents hidden in here."

    Is that really what your intentions are?

    #4. "We need a longer extension cord."

    Good thing cats have 9 lives.

    "We need a longer extension cord."

    Lisa Be

    #5. "I don't think they see me. Maybe if I just stay still for a little while longer."

    When your cat thinks he or she has outsmarted you by pretending to be a statue.

    #6. "It's so shiny. It's so mesmerizing."

    When your cat gets lost in a daze from the Christmas lights.

    #7. "Isn't this just the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen?"

    When one can't handle something's beauty.

    #8. "There's shiny mice all over this tree and I'm going to catch each and every one of them."

    Don't mess with a cat that's on the prowl/hunt.

    #9. "I think I'll just hang out here for awhile, nobody's bothering me here."

    He probably could get away with hiding in there for awhile.


    This cat's face literally just made my day.

    #11. "I don't care about your rules. I'm going to climb it if I want to."

    They just never listen, no matter what.

    #12. "This is my spot now. This is my new home."

    And he looks stubborn enough to stay exactly where he is for the rest of the season.

    #13. "I approve of this sparkly tree. You may now proceed with it."

    Thanks cat, didn't know we needed your approval.

    #14. "I'm almost home stretch! They'll never expect a thing."

    Oh, don’t try to think you can get out of this and no one’s noticing.

    "I'm almost home stretch! They'll never expect a thing."

    #15. "This is where I'm staying because I'm not quite sure how to get down. And that's ok."

    At least he admits to his faults.

    #16. "I am the angel in this house hence I belong at the top of this tree."

    I don't think any other tree topper will be as appropriate as this one.

    #17. "Ok we'll take turns. You keep watch for now."

    It takes two cats to successfully raid a tree.

    #18. "Oh hi, didn't see you there."

    The eyes of a cat who has just been caught red handed.

    #19. "But doesn't this tree make my fur look more pretty?"

    I do have to admit, it makes your fur glisten.

    #20. "Oh hi, you're home early. Nothing going on here. Just inspecting the ornaments."

    Doesn't look like a whole lotta inspecting is going on.

    #21. "Stuck? Nobody's stuck here. Stuck in the holiday spirit, yeah."

    Nice save there buddy, but you ain't fooling anyone.

    #22. "I wonder how it tastes... mmmm... yeah, not as good as I was hoping."

    Cats these days are too curious.

    "I wonder how it tastes... mmmm... yeah, not as good as I was hoping."

    #23. "This Christmas tree is my Everest, and I will conquer it.”

    Now that is one determined kitty.

    #24. "Can you just wake me up when Santa Claus arrives?"

    Now this is one lazy Christmas cat.

    "Can you just wake me up when Santa Claus arrives?"

    #25. "Omg, it's just hanging there!"

    Not sure what's so astonishing about this scene.

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  • This Cat Was Trapped In A Bank And Rescued With The Help Of Passersby.


    Over the years, our lifestyles have changed dramatically, and beyond recognition, particularly when compared to beings of primitive times. With the help of the latest technologies, we might've become more socially aware and privy to instant information. But hasn’t this increased usage of technology made us ignorant of our own surroundings in a way?

    We’re often so focused on our work that we end up missing out so many things that are going on in front of our eyes. It may not even be our fault; as it’s just how our lives are designed these days and you must adapt to the way things work.

    We've seen numerous incidents that depict how our ignorance can create problems for not only our fellow human beings, but also for innocent little animals.

    We’re well aware of how restless cats can get, even though most of their day involve them sleeping around and eating heavily.

    But cats also suffer from mood swings like we do, believe it or not. There are times when these felines roam around without even making a sound. Sometimes you don’t even realize when and how they entered a room!

    We’re well aware of how restless cats can get, even though most of their day involve them sleeping around and eating heavily.


    To keep up with their ever-changing mood, people came up with the concept of ‘indoor cat’ and ‘outdoor cat’.

    However, indoor cats are considered to be healthier, with a longer lifespan. But considering the freedom cats need, their owners let them rove around, hoping the cats would return home in search of food or a place to sleep. Sometimes, this works out great, as the cat truly feels at home with their owner, and keeps coming back every time. Other times, they end up getting “lost.”

    To keep up with their ever-changing mood, people came up with the concept of ‘indoor cat’ and ‘outdoor cat’.


    A kitty was strolling outside a bank, and decided to get in. Then, the situation got a bit complex, to say the least.

    We can only blame the timing of this incident as it was already closing time when the kitty decided to enter the bank. The bank workers, being oblivious to the cat’s presence, didn’t realize they were locking her inside the bank.

    A kitty was strolling outside a bank, and decided to get in. Then, the situation got a bit complex, to say the least.

    Jaimee / Twitter

    Later on, the cat attempted to let anyone notice her, hoping someone was still inside the bank.

    The poor feline stood for a while on the bank’s entrance and waited for people to notice her. Fortunately, the cat’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed for too long. Jaimee, a second year student from Liverpool, saw the cat and took a few pictures.

    Later on, the cat attempted to let anyone notice her, hoping someone was still inside the bank.

    Jaimee / Twitter

    In his attempts to help the cat, Jaimee posted the pictures on his social media accounts.

    He was hoping that someone might recognize the cat and come rescue it. Jaimee wrote, “Out walking through town and we’ve just found a cat stuck in a bank.”

    In his attempts to help the cat, Jaimee posted the pictures on his social media accounts.

    Jaimee / Twitter

    In his various interviews, Jamiee narrated the entire incident, and how he came to the poor feline's rescue.

    Jaimee told, “The RSPCA told us to leave a note in the bank explaining that the cat was trapped in there overnight and to make sure that he is safely taken home. The bank reopened at 9:30am this morning, and I haven’t found out anything but I imagine he’s safe now. We also talked to the restaurant next door to the bank and they said that they always see that cat coming into the shops around there, so the people there are quite familiar with it.”

    In his various interviews, Jamiee narrated the entire incident, and how he came to the poor feline's rescue.


    But that was not the only response that Jamie got. Hiis post was retweeted 350 times! Talk about being popular!

    A woman named Eleanor, who fell in love with the cat, volunteered to adopt it after hearing the news. But unfortunately after seeing the collar around the cat’s neck, she realized it belonged to someone else.

    While we do know this furry little angel already has a family, it's nice to know that had it not belonged to someone else, it would've been adopted. We're glad that the cat was rescued safely in the end.

    But that was not the only response that Jamie got. Hiis post was retweeted 350 times! Talk about being popular!


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  • 20 Selfies That Need To Be Stopped Before Someone Gets Hurt.


    Some of the most liked photos on Instagram are selfies, or photos taken by oneself. In summer 2016, Selena Gomez was named the queen of Instagram for generating over 4 million likes on a single selfie.

    Taking a selfie seems simple enough. While you can snap one with any camera, most phones have two cameras, which means you don't even have to stretch your arm out that far to get yourself in the shot. You can also use a selfie stick.

    There are some of us who take the selfie game to new heights. Adventurers and daredevils, some risking their lives in their process, capture stunning scenes that many of us will never see in person while others redefine ridiculous by pulling out their camera at the wrong time (like in the middle of a fire).

    Here are some of the best and worst selfies ever taken. How's your selfie game?

    #1. Feeling Sluggish

    Just when you thought you were feeling sluggish, this guy shows you the true meaning. Now, you feel them on your face, don’t you?

    Feeling Sluggish


    #2. Lifelong Learner

    It’s never too late to learn something new. Is this when we tell or plead with our parents, “Do as I say, not as I do?”

    Lifelong Learner


    #3. No Smartphone, No Problem

    Maybe she just couldn’t wait for her phone to charge and wanted to take advantage of the moment. Who knows?

    No Smartphone, No Problem

    #4. Selfies in the House of God

    This is one we do understand. You’ve finally put some effort into getting ready, why not take a selfie?

    Selfies in the House of God

    #5. Stormtrooper Selfie

    Stormtroopers just wanna have fun. Love that hip action. Now, if we only we could figure out who they got it from.

    Stormtrooper Selfie

    Ineedalife / Imgur

    #6. Work Selfies

    Work selfies might not seem like a big deal but if there's a fire and your job is to put it out, prepare for some backlash.

    Work Selfies


    #7. Selfie Stick

    This guy was so excited to receive his selfie stick in the mail that he had to post a picture of it. Not with it, but of it. Wait a second...

    Selfie Stick

    blank1 / Imgur

    #8. Selfie Branch, Courtesy of Nature

    Is the ice melting? How did he attach the camera to the stick? Are they grilling? Where is this? Are they okay? This photo has inspired so many, too many, questions.

    Selfie Branch, Courtesy of Nature

    supertima / Reddit

    #9. Under the Sea

    The only thing wrong with this photo is that there's a laptop in it. Everything else is pure gold, especially that guy in the back. He was born ready.

    Under the Sea

    burgernow / Reddit

    #10. Men vs. Women

    We don't usually say this but it looks like the mer-men stole this one, ladies. Those fierce looks are on point!

    Men vs. Women

    rataferoz7 / Reddit

    #11. Gay Pride in the Netherlands

    We're just mad we weren't there, too. One person on imgur commented that this was a *normal day in Amsterdam.

    Gay Pride in the Netherlands

    rikaay / Reddit

    #12. Red Arrows Selfie

    This might just be the best selfie ever taken. One viewer commented, "I usually hate selfies from people who are high, but I am okay with one." Spot on, my friend.

    #13. New Bestie

    Sometimes, you meet someone that you'll never forget. But when they bite you, all you'll have left of the friendship is a photo.

    New Bestie

    sabretooth1986 / Reddit

    #14. Looking Down at the World

    As a former astronaut, Buzz Aldrin has seen some breathtaking views. Here's one of them. Thank you for sharing!

    Looking Down at the World

    Buzz Aldrin / Facebook

    #15. Mustang Wanted

    This is probably one of the most dangerous selfies ever taken. Here's stunt performer Mustang Wanted from Ukraine at the tip of the Votive Church in Vienna. And no, there was no safety equipment involved.

    Mustang Wanted

    #16. Creepy Vibes

    We're not exactly sure what's going on here but we're afraid to find out. The best thing might just be to stop looking and keep scrolling.

    Creepy Vibes

    #17. AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile

    A Royal Danish Air Force pilot takes a selfie with a GoPro while firing an air-to-air missile from his F-16 jet.

    AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile

    DerpVaulter / Reddit

    #18. Someone Needs Help

    On second thought, it seems like two people need help—the person swimming for their life and the person who decided to take a picture instead of giving them a hand.

    Someone Needs Help

    #19. Rest in Peace

    Everyone has a different way of coping. We aren't here to judge. What do you think of selfies at funerals?

    Rest in Peace

    #20. High Altitude in Dubai

    Dubai is home to a stunning cityscape. We'd love to see it someday but we're not sure we'd take this route. This selfie was taken at the top of Princess Tower.

    High Altitude in Dubai

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  • 10 Reasons Not To Have Sex With Marco Polo (Or Anyone Else In The Middle Ages).


    In the fifth century, Saint Augustine wrote influentially on the matters of abortion, contraception, and sex. He argued that contraception could change the nature of individuals and relationships.

    In Marriage and Concupiscence, he wrote, "I am supposing, then, although you are not lying [with your wife] for the sake of procreating offspring, you are not for the sake of lust obstructing their procreation by an evil prayer or an evil deed.

    "Those who do this, although they are called husband and wife, are not; nor do they retain any reality of marriage, but with a respectable name cover a shame.

    " … I dare to say that either the wife is in a fashion the harlot of her husband or he is an adulterer with his own wife.”

    Although the use of birth control and the practice of abortion are heavily debated today, it is not a new argument. Continue reading to learn about how couples in the Middle Ages, as well as other parts of history, protected themselves during intercourse. While there are many graphic examples, we've selected ones that are not so different from today's methods.

    The history of sex is interesting and deserving of its own library.

    This includes the history of abortion, contraception, and protection against STIs. Take, for example, the Middle Ages. During this time, from the 5th to the 15th century, the Catholic Church was the only church, which meant that there existed a prevailing right-to-life principle and the idea that intercourse was meant for procreation (these principles remain strong for many individuals today).

    But it seems the stronger the rules, the stronger the opposition. Here are some ways couples avoided pregnancy during or around this time.

    The history of sex is interesting and deserving of its own library.

    No, coitus interruptus isn't a modern invention.

    This method of avoiding pregnancy sounds more like a spell out of Harry Potter than anything else, but don’t get too excited.

    Coitus interruptus remains a popular method today, but you probably know it better as the “pull-out method,” when the man withdraws just before ejaculating.

    It’s just as effective today as it was back then, which is exactly why we don’t recommend it.

    No, coitus interruptus isn't a modern invention.

    Enjoy all night romps with a special type of amulet, if you aren't bothered by the material.

    What if you could strap an amulet ’round your thighs or neck to prevent pregnancy? Sounds a little risqué, doesn’t it? But don’t forget to read the fine print. In the Middle Ages, weasel testicles were used to create special amulets for this purpose.

    If you aren’t into weasel testicles, an amulet made of bone from the right side of a black cat or mule earwax could do the trick.

    Enjoy all night romps with a special type of amulet, if you aren't bothered by the material.


    "Pennyroyal Tea" isn't just a popular song by Nirvana.

    A flowering plant, pennyroyal looks small and harmless, even pleasant, but it is actually very powerful. It’s been used for everything from flavoring to medicine.

    Pennyroyal tea was also popular for regulating menstruation. If consumed in large portions or pure forms of oil, pennyroyal can cause abortion (Cue in Kurt Cobain singing “Sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea / Distill the life that’s inside of me”). It can also cause multiple organ failure and death.

    The people of the Middle Ages weren’t the only ones to use this plant. Historians say that ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians incorporated the pennyroyal into their customs.

    You can still purchase an ounce or a pound if you wish today.

    "Pennyroyal Tea" isn't just a popular song by Nirvana.

    Peter Brears

    Desperate times called for self-induced abortions.

    These acts of desperations would later be referred to as coat-hanger abortions. Soranus of Ephesus, a Greek physician from the 1st/2nd century AD, wrote that women would ride horses or carry objects in order to induce their own abortions. This was called being “shaken.”

    Desperate times called for self-induced abortions.

    13th-century depiction

    Was the rhythm method practiced in the Middle Ages?

    It's widely accepted that the rhythm method is one of the least reliable forms of birth control today, but what is it? The rhythm method is when a couple keeps track of the women's menstrual cycles and avoids sex during her most fertile days.

    So, did medieval couples practice fertility awareness? It's more a matter of speculation than fact. In 388, Saint Augustine mentioned periodic abstinence in one of his texts.

    It was also possible to learn about it through other cultures. There was evidence that the Greeks and Byzantines had knowledge of calendar-based contraceptives, and it appeared in a Chinese sex manual dated around 600.

    Was the rhythm method practiced in the Middle Ages?

    Cantigas de Santa Maria

    Breastfeeding may have been used as a natural form of birth control.

    Noble and upper-class women were expected to bear healthy children, but they were not expected to breastfeed as the Church advised against it. The reason for this is because breastfeeding can delay the menstrual cycle, which was frowned upon—a woman's fertility should be restored as quickly as possible.

    Lower-class women, however, did breastfeed for about a year because it was affordable and convenient. So, whether they planned it or not, some couples used this form of birth control.

    In later years, historians say that many couples took advantage of it despite religious teachings.

    Breastfeeding may have been used as a natural form of birth control.

    cathedral of Santa Maria

    In early history, condoms were not used to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

    Instead, the main purpose of a condom was to protect against venereal diseases. In an article titled "The story of the condom," published in the Indian Journal of Urology, researchers say that the first use of a condom was by King Minos of Crete. His wife, Pasiphae used a goat's bladder in her vagina, because she believed that his semen was harmful (it had killed his mistresses). Animal bladders were commonly used by other cultures, such as the Ancient Romans.

    In early history, condoms were not used to prevent unwanted pregnancies.


    Silphium, believed to be a variety of giant fennel, was a popular drug and form of birth control in the ancient world.

    This heart-shaped plant was used to cure a number of ailments, from warts to indigestion. It was also used as a seasoning. Ancient Roman women would imbibe in Silphium juice to prevent pregnancy. It was also used as a form of abortion.

    Silphium, believed to be a variety of giant fennel, was a popular drug and form of birth control in the ancient world.

    Alberto Fernandez Fernandez / Wikimedia

    When life gives you lemons, make lemon douches?

    A recent study published in Agriculture and Natural Resources found that lemon juice, as well as other types of juices, are effective as fertility-regulation agents. But ancient communities already knew that.

    Ancient Jewish couples sometimes used sponges soaked in lemon juices, inserted into the vagina, as a form of birth control. Lemon and lime juice douches were also applied after intercourse in other cultures, but it wasn't as effective as having a pessary during coitus.

    When life gives you lemons, make lemon douches?


    If you enjoyed this article, we invite you to read about hygiene during the Middle Ages (definitely a nose-pinching read!).

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  • 23 Memorable Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With The Kids.


    Christmas is a very expensive holiday. First, you've got to go gift shopping and buy presents for all your friends and family. Then when you're done with the presents, you have to get wrapping paper and ribbon to make the gifts pretty. After you're done wrapping everything, you need to buy a big Christmas tree to put those presents under. It's a never ending cycle of spending money! But instead of buying Christmas tree ornaments, how about you save at least some amount of money by making them instead?

    You'll be surprised by how great some of these DIY ornaments actually come out! If anything, they add more character to your tree. Check out some of the DIY ornament ideas below to help you get started.

    #1. Rustic Boho Twig Arrows

    If you want a more bohemian look this year, try creating your ornaments with materials like twigs, feathers, wooden beads, and arrows.

    #2. Photo Transfer Ornaments

    Transfer your favorite family photos onto wooden ornaments to fill your Christmas tree with cherished memories!

    #3. Scrabble Tile Ornament

    Take some tiles from your Scrabble board game to form your favorite Christmas lyrics and glue them together to turn them into an ornament!

    #4. Rustic Snowflakes

    You can recreate these unique ornaments by decorating twigs with button stickers, pine needles, berries, twine, and felt. You can even use these as wall art if not hanging ornaments.

    #5. Filled Ornament

    If you have clear ornaments, instead of hanging them as is, try filling them up with colorful sprinkles for a more fun look.

    #6. Toilet Roll Reindeers

    Halt, don't throw those toilet paper rolls away! Save them and transform them into these cute reindeer ornaments.

    #7. Macaroni Snowflakes

    Paint dry macaroni pieces white and glue them together to make snowflakes! Play around with different shapes and patterns.

    #8. Cinnamon Applesauce Heart Ornaments

    What's better than edible ornaments? Bake these delicious cinnamon applesauce hearts that you can eat after it's time to take down the tree.

    #9. Wood Burned Snowflake

    Paint a slice of wood and then use a wood burner to design a pretty snowflake to recreate this beautiful and rustic ornament.

    #10. Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

    This one's so easy and the outcome is so pretty! Just cut out several pieces of white and beige felt and then stack and glue them together!

    #11. Simple Popsicle Stick Sled

    These are so easy to make, even your children can make them! Just grab six popsicle sticks to create this mini Santa sleigh.

    #12. Vintage Map Ornament

    If you've got old paper maps that are no longer of use to you, recycle them by turning them into ornaments! The folding technique is easier than you think.

    #13. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

    Repurpose your bottle caps into Christmas ornaments by painting them white and stacking them in 3's to create snowmen.

    #14. Teacup Ornament

    Turn a teacup into an ornament by turning it upside down and attaching a little bell to the inside of it. You've got jingle bell teacups!

    #15. Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments

    Light bulbs can be ornaments too. In fact, they're the perfect shape to create penguins! Use paint to transform them and attach rope to the bottom (now the top of the ornament) so you can hang them.

     Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments

    Wicked Stepmom

    #16. 3D Deer Head Ornament

    Purchase a three-dimensional paper craft from Michaels and transform it into an ornament by mounting it to a plaque ornament.

    #17. Puzzling Reindeer

    Attach puzzle pieces together to create the face of a reindeer. Don't forget to add wiggly eyes and a red nose!

    #18. Thumb Print Ornament

    So simple, anyone can do it! Take any solid colored ornament and use paint to leave a thumb print on it. Then draw two eyes, a red nose, and antlers and you've got yourself super cute ornaments.

    #19. Campfire and S'mores

    Recreate a camping scene on your tree with these mini campfire and s'more ornaments! All you need is felt, cardboard, cotton balls, and a foam 'marshmallow."

    #20. Computer’s Memory Recycled for Christmas

    The things you'll least expect will make the greatest materials for DIY projects, like these computer memories! Don't they make such a festive and unique touch to the tree?

    #21. Reindeer Corks

    Transform your wine corks into mini reindeers by attaching wiggly eyes, a red pom pom, and brown pipe cleaners to it!

    #22. Bell Jar Ornaments

    Turn bell jars into mini snow globe ornaments by filling them up with miniature props.

    #23. Old CD Ornament

    Instead of throwing away those old CDs, try shattering them and using the pieces to decorate plain ornaments. They'll look like mini disco balls afterwards!

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  • By Law Dogs MUST Be In Carriers On NY Subway… LOL At These Funny Solutions.


    Some time ago New York City banned dogs from riding on the subway unless they fit into a small carrier or small bag. It makes sense as public transportation is for human beings and it’s really a little sad that there had to be an official announcement about it. There are tons of dog lovers out there and that’s just fine, but if you have to bring them with you somewhere, another mode of transportation should be sought out. There are just certain places dogs shouldn’t be unless they are an official service dog.

    People in The Big Apple quickly got wise to the new rules and found ways around them. Even some pretty decent sized dogs have been trained to ride in bags now. It leads to some funny pictures, especially the ones that are in backpacks. Some dogs love going for rides and you can see the happiness in their faces in a lot of these photos.

    This is only possible to do with medium to small sized dogs however. If you own a Bull Mastiff or Doberman Pincer you might be hard pressed to find a bag that fits within the rules. Check out some of these content pooches.

    #1. Who needs a treat, I love going for the ride!

    #2. I DID NOT pick out this print!

    #3. Yes it's a beagle in a bag, not a bagel.

    #4. Here we go again, another subway ride.

    #5. This guy looks focused on his destination.

    #6. Yeah that's right, I have my Master trained well!

    #7. I better get a good treat after this!

    #8. Are you sure this is the right train?

    #9. What are you looking at? Clearly this wasn't my idea!

    #10. I hope he realizes I've gotta go bad!

    #11. What? You have a coat on. Why shouldn't I get to wear one too?

    #12. I got your back dad!

    #13. I picked out the bag my self! Good choice right?

    #14. I hope she gets back soon with that pretzel!

    #15. We have to go over there!

    #16. Hell yeah, I got an upgrade!

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