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  • This Bird Shuffled Over To His Brother. What He Did To Him Will Make You Melt!


    World, meet Fabio and Gabriel, two brother birds that love each other very much.

    To be honest, though, Gabriel’s love can be a little overbearing. He’s absolutely obsessed with giving his brother kisses and asking “what are you doing” every five seconds. The brothers are Indian Ringneck parakeets that clearly share an incredible bond. Just see for yourself!

    If my kids got along this well, life would be a LOT easier!

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    Too bad there’s not some kind of award for world’s sweetest birds. This pair would definitely win. Don’t forget to share the adorable video with your friends and family!

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  • If You Can’t Even Do A Backflip On Solid Ground, What He Can Do Will Blow You Away


    Being the completely uncoordinated person I am, I’ve never been able to remotely pull off anything when it comes to gymnastics.

    That’s why I’m so amazed when I watch gymnasts and cheerleaders using their bodies in ways that seem absolutely impossible. Backflips look hard enough to do, which is why what this guy does is seriously astounding. In one of infamous stunt man Steve-O’s latest videos, Sean Noel, a personal trainer, attempts to successfully land a backflip on a roller — and he doesn’t disappoint.

    My ankles hurt just watching this.

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    For more impressive stunts like this, be sure to check out Steve-O’s YouTube channel. Don’t forget to share this video if like me, you’d never be able to do something this epic!

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  • We Rarely Get Glimpses Into This Country But Concerts In North Korea Are So Scary


    In the United States, we pride ourselves on being patriotic. We love our country.

    Patriotism, however, is different from a political ideology known as nationalism. Nationalists believe that a country should not be a “melting pot,” rather it should have one look and feel and exclude others. This includes believing their country is better than others, and sometimes puts them in opposition with other nations.

    Hitler, for example, was a German nationalist. Dictators often choose to emphasize nationalistic loyalty to control their populations. That’s the case in North Korea, where current dictator Kim Jong Un infuses nationalism into every aspect of people’s lives. If you thought going out to a concert would be a fun, non-political activity, you’d be wrong.

    The very talented singer in this recent concert is backed up by a full orchestral accompaniment. Oh, and no big deal, but it happens in front of a video of missiles blowing up what appears to be San Francisco. Yikes.


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    This is so scary, and it’s a reminder to all of us to stay vigilant about the messages we receive every day, whether they’re explicit or not. Share this to raise awareness about what’s happening in North Korea.

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  • She Heard A Strange Noise In The Bathroom. Then She Looked Up And Saw This Horror.


    Most people are afraid of snakes. It’s a pretty commonplace fear.

    Even if you have a healthy respect for them and recognize that they do a great job of keeping pests away from your house, you probably don’t want a snake all up in your business. Sherry Baxter Minter was minding her own business when she entered her mother’s bathroom, but when she and her cat started hearing noises, her day went from zero to 100 pretty fast.

    I don’t even know what I would do if I found a snake caught in my light fixture. Probably just move out, right?

    Fortunately, Sherry kept her cool and some relatives were able to capture the snake and release it back into the wild.

    I would be so scared if I saw that in my bathroom. I’m glad the snake is back where it belongs! Share this with your friends and family to totally freak them out.

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  • The Unicorn Frappuccino Is A Hit But Here’s What Your Barista Really Thinks About It


    If you were anywhere NEAR the internet last week, you probably noticed people talking about unicorns.

    Specifically, the Unicorn Frappuccino was released for a limited time at Starbucks, and people went nuts. The pink and blue drink was only available for a week, so for customers it was a now-or-never kind of thing. Unicorn Frappuccino enthusiasts even managed to drink so many of them that locations across the United States were sold out within a few days, making the week-long promotion much shorter.

    But what about all the baristas who had to deal with the onslaught of unicorn-related enthusiasm? Some of them are speaking out.

    This brightly colored treat is so delightful to look at that it’s no wonder people were drawn to the mango and blue raspberry concoction.

    Due to its intense limited run and popularity, however, Starbucks baristas were left trying to make dozens of difficult and messy drinks at once. Let’s just say they weren’t thrilled about it.

    Several baristas took to social media to complain about the drinks but removed their posts for fear of losing their jobs. For better or for worse, Braden Burson’s video about his experience went viral. Here’s what the Unicorn Frappuccino craze was like from the other side of the counter.

    After his post swept the internet, Burson clarified that he thinks it’s a great drink, just that it’s difficult to make at such a fever-pitched pace. Demand was definitely high, and Starbucks says they’re reaching out to him to see how they can make the experience better.

    For people who loved the drink (or didn’t get to try it), they’re hoping that means the Unicorn Frap will make its way back onto the menu someday soon, even if baristas aren’t thrilled by the idea.

    Did you get your hands on a Unicorn Frap? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below, and be sure to share this with the Starbucks addicts in your life.

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  • 26 Cats Who Are So Overdramatic They Deserve An Oscar.


    You'll be surprised how similar some animals are to us humans. Just like how our species has its drama queens, so does the animal kingdom. Can you guess which animal is the most dramatic? They're cute and soft and will leave you scratch marks the moment they feel threatened.

    Yup, you guessed it — cats. Some of their reactions are so overly dramatic, it's priceless. They just can't help but to overly express their emotions, and it's absolutely hilarious to witness. Check out some of the most over dramatic cats below (they all deserve Oscars).

    #1. Her cat disapproves of human-dog love.

    But she didn’t know her cat was capable of such a face.

    #2. His face at the end is priceless.

    “Wait… is this China!?”

    His face at the end is priceless.

    #3. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

    He literally looks like a statue in that stance.

    #4. Someone REPULSED the hell out of this cat.

    “You disgust me. Get out of my face.”

    #5. When you put a flower on your cat's head.

    “Oh that’s nii… what the hell did you just do?”

    When you put a flower on your cat's head.

    #6. Let... Me... In...

    So... I... Can... Kill... You...

    #7. "We have reached triumph!"

    "Franz, Romenz, Countrymenz, lend me your ears, or perhaps.... your kitty treats."

    #8. "I'll never leave you."

    "Do you pinky promise?"

    #9. From the glasses' reflection, it looks like they're driving behind a truck.

    No wonder the cat looks so petrified.

    #10. "Baby please don't leave me!"

    "Do you think, honey, sometimes I am attached a bit too much?"

    #11. "Never let go Rose, never let go!"

    "There was room n the raft, Rose. At least give him the life vest."

    #12. One of the most frightened cats ever.

    Makes you wonder what the cat witnessed...

    One of the most frightened cats ever.

    #13. A dramatic death in front of the TV.

    "Oh, no. Turns out they were siblings...."

    #14. This is sooo Shakespearean.

    This cat was obviously born in the wrong era.

    This is sooo Shakespearean.

    #15. They forgot to tell the cat that they had a baby.

    "What ... what's that God forsaken smell!?"

    #16. The cat bath returns!

    This horrible indignity calls for the ultimate revenge!

    #17. Shocked that you're wearing that tonight.

    Maybe you should change your outfit.

    Shocked that you're wearing that tonight.

    Lisa Be


    "Do you want to have my blood on your hands?!"

    #19. When your owner brings home a dog.


    When your owner brings home a dog.

    #20. That moment of sweet relief.

    "Oh mah gawd, I thought she was going for the vacuum, false alarm."

    #21. "Foot, why have you betrayed me!?"

    "It called me... I had too..."

    #22. "CURSE YOU VILLAN."

    In all actuality, this is his way of stretching and scratching.


    #23. The stages of cat panic.

    At first he appears calm, and then it just goes downhill from there.

    #24. Her boyfriend warned her of his dramatic cat.

    But she wasn't ready for all of this.

    #25. He feeds on your sinful souls.

    I'd go to sleep with one eye open, if I were this cat's owner.

    He feeds on your sinful souls.

    #26. The before and after photos of the cat going to the vet.

    He was obviously plotting his revenge the entire way home.

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  • 25 Cats That Are Having Way, Way Too Many Feelings About Life


    We all know someone who’s just a little too dramatic.

    I’ll be the first to admit that my personality borders on the dramatic side and I’ve been known to say certain things just to get a rise out of people. And if you’ve been reading my articles over the last year or so, you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of cats in general, but that all changed after discovering that when it comes to catty dramatics, we’re practically one in the same.

    Take these 25 buckets of drama and sass, for example.

    1. “Let me make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

    2. This cat should have given some of its caffeine to its doggy pal.

    3. “Oh you think you’re going somewhere? NOT TODAY!”

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  • This Live Tweet Of A Date With An Olive Garden Manager Is Everything And More


    When it comes to my chain restaurant of choice, there’s a special place in my heart for the Olive Garden.

    If I’m being honest, I eat Olive Garden food more than I probably should. The chain is known for two things: being totally unhealthy and supplying people with the holy grail of restaurant food — breadsticks. They draw you in with their “When you’re here, you’re family” slogan and keep you with baskets full of warm bread.

    But have you ever wondered what would happen if tragedy befell the Olive Garden in the form of a breadstick shortage? What happens when tensions run high after long wait times? Well thanks to writer Joe Wadlington, all your questions are about to be answered. While on a blind date with a former Olive Garden General Manger, Wadlington couldn’t help but live tweet the interaction as he asked all of the hard-hitting questions.

    Oh, did I forget to mention that Wadlington’s date worked at the three-story Times Square location? His credentials are pretty legit and we’re sure he saw a thing or two during his tenure with the chain.

    Spill that (peach bellini) tea!

    I would have thrown a shoe at someone if this happened to me.

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