25 Camping Hacks I Wish I’d Known Earlier… #13 Is A Total Game Changer.


Summer nights are upon us and that means one thing: camping season is here!

Of course technically speaking, people can camp all year round but camping in the freezing cold isn't always desired. With that said, we know camping can get tricky with the limited of resources you can have. And when we say camping, we're not talking about cabins or anywhere that provides an outlet for you to plug in anything electronic. We're talking about the real camping in tents and no toilets.

It doesn't sound that great but there's just something about being with nature and secluded from the world that always feels so refreshing. But like we said, camping can be tricky and result in a horrible experience if you're not prepared.

So here we've compiled a list of handy camping hacks that'll help make any camper's life a little easier.

#1. Wrap your meat in cabbage.

This will help stop the meat from burning when cooking it!

#2. If you plan on bringing matches, glue sandpaper to the the top of your match holder.

This way, you can strike a fire wherever you are.

#3. Create a mini first-aid kit.

Just put all the first-aid supplies you need into an old prescription bottle you no longer use or an Altoids tin.

Create a mini first-aid kit.

#4. Put foam floor tiles on the floor of your tent.

This will make it way more comfortable and super soft.

#5. Freeze gallon jugs of water.

Put them into your cooler to keep your food cold and to have nice cold water to drink later.

#6. Create travel sized coffee bags.

Just put one scoop of coffee grounds into a coffee filter and then tie it up with dental floss.

#7. Make portable fire starters.

Simply dip cotton pads into wax and you’re ready to go!

Make portable fire starters.

#8. Create your very own portable washing machine.

It’s not as fancy as it sounds, your machine will be made out of a bucket and plunger. But it gets the job done.

#9. Organize and store different spices into different Tic-Tac boxes.

This is great for people who plan on legit cooking while they’re out in the woods.

#10. Crack all your eggs and put them in an empty water bottle!

One water bottle can hold up to eight eggs.

#11. Campfire foods are more than just s'mores.

Make crescent rolls! You can even stuff them with marshmallows or nutella.

#12. Make single-use soap leaves.

Use a vegetable peeler to peel slices of a bar of soap. You can also rub the soap on mosquito bites to relieve the itchiness.

#13. Aside from the mosquito repellent you can buy from the store, you can also use sage to repel mosquitos.

Just place some of the sage in the campfire.

#14. Make popcorn on the campfire!

Just bring popcorn that can normally be placed on the stove at home.

#15. Put your toilet paper into a coffee can.

This will help not only hold your TP, but also protect it.

Put your toilet paper into a coffee can.

#16. Move over s'mores, we're upgrading to s'moreos.

Why use graham crackers, when you can use oreos?

#17. You can also use the campfire to cook bacon and eggs!

Just put it all in a paper brown bag and hover it over the fire.

#18. Create toothpaste single-use packets.

Just cut up straws and fill them up with the toothpaste. Use a lighter to seal up the ends once you’re done.

#19. Create a place to hang up pots and pans.

Just wrap a belt around a tree and attach hooks to it.

Create a place to hang up pots and pans.

#20. Create a hand-washing station.

Just fill up an empty laundry detergent dispenser with water.

#21. If you ever get lost, use an acorn cap as a whistle.

Getting lost from your group can be very easy, so it’s nice to know you can use your surroundings to help you.

#22. Create you very own shower.

Literally all you need in a watering can and a humungous jug.

#23. Create your very own DIY lantern.

Just paint the inside of a jar with non-toxic-glow-in-the-dark paint.

#24. Put up foam noodles to stop injuries.

For particular people, accidents are inevitable but remove the possibility of someone hitting their head on the awning strut by putting a foam noodle on it.

Put up foam noodles to stop injuries.

#25. Secure your tent with a stick.

Put it in the main center line to ensure pressure is even throughout.

Secure your tent with a stick.

Here's more camping hacks.

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