A 60-Year-Old Mother Had Her Makeover Wish Come True!


Being a mother, of course, can be overwhelming, you stop to care for yourself as much as you used to before having any children.

Bonnie Amend, is the birthday girl, and she decided the first thing she wanted to do after being in her 60s now, is to do a MAKEOVER!

She decided to travel to Le Roy, N.Y. to Manhattan to crash the “Today” show plaza, accompanied by her husband and two lovely daughters.

Her birthday wish was to be chosen for “ambush makeover,” which seemed to be a hard dream because audience members are randomly picked out, and the chosen ones get a make-up and hair redo.

On August 20th, her dream came true! She was chosen by the hairstylist Louis Licari and TV personality Jill Marti. HERE STARTED THE TRANSFORMATION!

Amen admitted to never wearing make-up ever in her whole life! Her daughter was so looking forward to her mother’s makeover saying:

“We want my mom to get a fresh start … We want to get her all polished up and look great and everything for her 60th birthday.” (Source)

Her husband and two daughters were blindfolded, and when Amend came out and they took off their blindfolds, they were joyfully shocked to see how beautiful she was!

Lenise Melton, a 58-year-old woman, who was also chosen with Amend for the makeover, didn’t have her family for this idea, but Sheryl, her best friend. The two woke up at the crack of dawn to drive all the way to the plaza to attend this wonderful event.

Watch the video to witness the life changing event for these two lovely women.

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